General proofreading

"Mr. Alexander proofreads thoroughly and quickly. He suggests suitable words and expressions, and finds punctuation and small formatting errors. He has been very helpful."


What do I do?

“[As a proofreader], you are the last line of defence before the document goes ‘live’. Your task is to eliminate the blunders that no one saw, without making unnecessary changes.” (CIEP)

I carefully check through everything in your text in detail, correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors; ensuring consistency of style and format; making sure that figures and tables are correctly labeled¹ and cited in the text; and that headings and page numbers on the contents page match those in the text. I read your work actively and raise any queries where a typo might have led to a factual error (“London hosted the Olympics in summer 2912”). I also try to retain your wording as much as possible and not change things unnecessarily.

For a more detailed description of what a proofreader does, please click here.

¹US English spellings used throughout this website.

How do I correct your work?

Corrections will usually be made on a Word file using the Track Changes facility, with all corrections and comments visible to you. All you have to do is accept or reject the changes.

Watch this video for a helpful guide on how changes and comments are made and how to accept and reject changes using Track Changes.

I can also make corrections on Google Docs, on PDF files using the commenting tools in Adobe Acrobat Reader, or with pen and paper.

Jobs will usually be completed in 5 working days.

(Large jobs may require longer, see FAQ)

Is it a catch-22 situation, a Catch 22 situation, or a Catch-22 situation? My reference books have all the answers! (It's a catch-22 situation.)

What should I do next?

Please get in contact! If you send me a copy of your work, I will look at it without any obligation, assess your proofreading requirements, and give you a quotation. I am also happy to have a video discussion with you. All inquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence.