"Thank you very much for your very thoughtful proofreading for my manuscript. Your extremely instructive comments have been very helpful."
Professor H.Y.
Kyoto University

Welcome and ようこそ to my page!

When we watch a film, we suspend our disbelief. Although we know that the cameras are on and the characters are actors, our minds can override this and become involved with the story, unless the acting is bad and the film contains continuity errors.
Reading is the same. Our minds can turn ink marks or illuminated pixels into a meaningful world or coherent argument, although a poorly chosen word, a typo or a clumsy layout causes our concentration to falter, drawing our attention to the text rather than its meaning.
This is why copyeditors and proofreaders are needed: so that you can get your message across through the power of the written word. My mission is to provide a meticulous, holistic, and stress-free service to help you do this.


I am a qualified and experienced proofreader (see Profile). I will remove all grammatical, wording, and minor formatting errors from your text and ensure a consistent style while retaining your voice. Very few errors get past me! I can also suggest improvements to wording where necessary.


I don’t just check the words, punctuation, and style. My copyediting service also looks at the bigger picture—how the narrative hangs together—and includes a basic fact check, giving you peace of mind that your work is accurate and reads well.


Working with me is stress-free and even enjoyable! If required, we can start with a video meeting to discuss your needs and answer your queries. I keep you fully informed of my progress while working on your document and also check that you have correctly incorporated any suggested changes.

Academic services: I have edited thousands of research papers on chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering, computing, philosophy, and the social sciences, some of which have been published in the world’s most prestigious journals, such as Science and Nature. Satisfied customers include a Nobel Prize Winner.

General non-fiction: I also copyedit and proofread general non-fiction. Recent copyediting jobs include non-fiction books for the publisher Granta, and proofreading jobs include the ESG report of a Japanese multinational, policy documents for a major UK trade organization, a book on nature, and articles by an environmental campaigner.

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