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Copyediting service

"Heartfelt thanks are also due to Jack Alexander, who did a terrific job of copyediting the manuscript from Japan ... Your feedback was not only prescient, timely, and thorough, it also made me laugh."
Esther Rutter
Author of 'This Golden Fleece'


What do I do?

“Copyediting … is the process of revising written material (copy) to improve readability and fitness, as well as ensuring that a text is free of grammatical and factual errors.” (Wikipedia)
I ensure that your text is fit for publishing by checking the spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and also the accuracy (if you say that it’s 10,000 km from London to Tokyo, I will check that it is). I take a “deep dive” into your work, making sure that you don’t repeat or contradict yourself and that your terminology is consistent by creating a style sheet. Any problems with flow, clarity, tone, and copyright are flagged, and I often suggest solutions, while making every effort to retain your voice.
After your work has been copyedited, it will be of high quality and ready to publish.
I take on jobs of all sizes, from blogs of a few hundred words to full-length books. See here for a list of books I have worked on.
For a more detailed description of what a copyeditor does, please click here.

Proofreading service

"Mr. Alexander proofreads thoroughly and quickly. He suggests suitable words and expressions, and finds punctuation and small formatting errors. He has been very helpful."


What do I do?

“[As a proofreader], you are the last line of defence before the document goes ‘live’. Your task is to eliminate the blunders that no one saw, without making unnecessary changes.” (CIEP)

I carefully check through everything in your text in detail, correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors; ensuring consistency of style and format; making sure that figures and tables are correctly labeled¹ and cited in the text; and that headings and page numbers on the contents page match those in the text.

I read your work actively and raise any queries where a typo might have led to a factual error (“London hosted the Olympics in summer 2912”).

I also try to retain your wording as much as possible and not change things unnecessarily.

For a more detailed description of what a proofreader does, please click here.

¹US English spellings are used throughout this website.

How do I correct your work?

Corrections will usually be made on a Word file using the Track Changes facility, with all corrections and comments visible to you. All you have to do is accept or reject the changes.

Watch this video for a helpful guide on how changes and comments are made and how to accept and reject changes using Track Changes.

For proofreading jobs, I can also make corrections on Google Docs, on PDF files using the commenting tools in Adobe Acrobat Reader, or with pen and paper.

Jobs will usually be completed in 5 working days.

(Large jobs may require longer, see FAQ)

Is it a catch-22 situation, a Catch 22 situation, or a Catch-22 situation? My reference books have all the answers! (It's a catch-22 situation.)

What should I do next?

Please get in contact! If you send me a copy of your work, I will look at it without any obligation, assess your requirements, and give you a quotation. I am also happy to have a video discussion with you. All inquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence.