"I learned a lot from your linguistic corrections and other advice. In the future, I will definitely reach out to you again!"
Niklas Holzapfel
Researcher, Hashimoto Foundation

Essentially, I will go through your work twice. The first time, I will correct as much as possible, raising queries as necessary. Once you have responded to the queries, I will correct the remaining parts and give your work a final read through to check that I haven’t missed anything. See the flow chart below for more details.

I can do either! Unless requested, I work in American English for Japanese and other non-British customers and in British English for British customers.

Yes, provided the paper is already written using a journal template. Please specify your target publication and, if possible, provide a link to the guidelines to authors. If you need to write, for example, an abstract within a certain number of words, please also let me know. Note that I do not make major changes to the format but will correct minor problems (e.g., a missing indent) and point out any major problems I notice.

Yes. Questions are welcomed because my aim is to provide a service that you are 100% happy with. If you are unclear why any corrections have been made or believe that a correction has changed the meaning of the text, please get in touch by email or phone.

Probably! I have previously worked as an English teacher in Japan and spent many years living in Japan working as a proofreader. This has given me a strong insight in what people are trying to say, even when their English is imperfect. I can also speak and read Japanese so can respond to queries in Japanese if necessary. 

For papers with many corrections or sentences whose original meaning was unclear, a subsequent second check of the paper (at the cost of the proofreading service) is advised after the author has incorporated all the corrections and attempted to rewrite the unclear parts.

Unfortunately, translation software still does an extremely poor job of translating from Japanese to English, and I am unable to check work where translation software has been used.

Yes. For example, if you do not need the references checking, then let me know, and the price of the job will be reduced accordingly.

I will try my best to complete all jobs of up to 5000 words in 5 working days.

I will aim to complete large jobs (over 5000 words) in 8 working days and jobs of over 15,000 words in 12 working days.

For jobs priced by the word, a discount of 10% will be applied to jobs of over 5000 words and a discount of 20% will be applied to jobs of over 15,000 words.

Yes. The contents of work or any other information received about clients will not be disclosed to third parties and will only be used directly to carry out the assigned work.

By bank transfer (furikomi) within one month of the date on the invoice. Account details will be given on the invoice. Other methods of payment may be possible.


The flow chart below shows how my editing/proofreading service works in practice.


If you have any other questions, please get in contact.